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Same thing happens to me, Great Question! :D
Same here.
That happened to me as well.

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In Generation V, there is a chance of a critical capture, where the Poké Ball will only shake on the ground once, thus providing a higher catch ratio. When a critical capture occurs, the Poké Ball will pause in mid-air, shudder, and make a metal noise. Critical captures occur about as often as Critical hits, making them quite rare; however, even with such a small chance of occurring, a critical capture still presents a massive boost to the overall chance of capture for Pokémon with a catch rate of 3, who may have odds as low as .4%.
However, a critical capture is not a guaranteed catch. It is possible for critical captures to fail, especially with Pokémon of lower catch

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Its Called Crtitical capture and it hapens 1 out of 16 times when you throw a pokeball (less chance on legendarys, etc)

So, the pokeball shakes in the air, and then it will need just 1 shake (instead of 3) untill capture

So thats pretty much all LOL\


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Lol, love your ending!!
Its 1/16 not 10 .
^ Ok, just corrected trololo
It happened to me as well!
Oh that's what it's called!!!!!! Man I'm always so happy when it happens to me! Now if it could only happen on this Kyurem I'm trying to catch..... :3
im so happy it happend on groudon with A REGULAR POKEBALL!!!!!!!!!!!