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A friend of mine is always beating me when we battle, and I want to reverse that. He has a Mono-Dragon team.
This is my team:

--> Gengar
--> Nature: Timid
--> Special Sweeper

--> Mismagius
--> Nature: Bold
--> Defensive Wall

--> Drifblim
--> Nature: Naive
--> Para-Sweeper

--> Chandelure
--> Nature: Modest
--> Special Attacker

--> Golurk
--> Nature: Adamant
--> Iron Fist Abuser ( Physical Tank )

--> Jellicent
--> Nature: Modest
--> Special Tank

He has:







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4 out of 6 guys in his team has 4x weakness to ice

put some ice type in your team and maybe some dragon to destroy kingdra and you should be fine.
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Your opponent is a B*TCH, GO GHOSTS!!

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Gengar-I would suggest more reliable moves instead of solely depending on Hypnosis to work. Replace Dark Pulse for Substitute and Nightmare with Thunderbolt/Energy Ball

Mismagius- Psywave? Astonish?! Goodness gracious man! Your HUGEST mistake is using Mismagius for a defensive wall. Personally, I think you should go with Dusknoir who is a much better tank then sweeper-like Missy.

Drifblim-You've got a mixed set going on there and it's not doing you any wonders... Drifblim's stats are slightly better in the special category so I'd say try:

Shadow Ball
Thunder Wave

Chandelure- One of the newest and most frequently used Poke out there at the moment. Go with Flamethrower, Energy Ball, Calm Mind, and Shadow Ball. This guy is an EXCELLENT sweeper, assuming of course you put all his EV's into SpA and Speed.

Golurk-MAGNITUDE?! Girrrrrl... you need to teach him Earthquake. PRONTO. Magnitude is seriously very unpredictable and unreliable. I think the best option for this guy is the ol' SubPunch technique. Soooo:

Focus Punch
Shadow Punch (for STAB)

Jellicent- This set is decent, except probably for Nightshade. If you're hellbent on beating your friend I'd say go with Will-O-Wisp instead. Or if you want, just teach him Scald for damage and a chance to burn him. Your choice.

Seeing as your team is mono-ghost, I think you should consider using Froslass on your team for a super effective hit on your dragon-loving bestie. Good luck in future battles!

I'm not going to change my torment dream moveset of gengar, I think that I'm going to change mismagius then,
I'm trainning my drifblim at speed,
I don't know what to say,
Yes ok golurk,
jellicent ok.
Just as a suggestion, you should ditch Drifblim for Froslass. The type advantage will do wonders for you.
If it is only for this battle I think thats ok.
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Dragon types weaknesses are ice and dragon type moves

it will help not having just ghost types in your team having a team made up of only 1 type is always a bad idea

i definitely reccomend an ice type to get rid of his dragonite ,
hydreigon and salamence so its probably a good idea to have more than 1 ice type

a grass type to get rid of garchomp and kingdra ( I suggest ferrothorn because its part steel so it will have high defense )

a fire type to kill flygon ( keep chandelure try and get will o wisp to burn just in case it dies )

something to watch out for is most dragon types have high speed especially hydreigon

and youll need the lvl advantage as dragon types are the most powerful in the game and you will need to time your heals well

but I would definitely keep gengar to use dream eater OR nightmare and replace the other move with will o wisp

so the team I recomend is

torterra ( if you can get 1 if not then keep jellicent )

hope this helped :)

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Hmnn...and don't you think you have told him the same thing in different words that to remove some ghosts !!
I answered first you so I barely copied