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I heard it was randomized, but there was also a way of choosing which one you wanted?

I don't think so. I heard you can get vaporeon when you evolve it close ocean, river etc. But I don't believe it.

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Yup, and it's by nicknaming them.

  • 'Rainer' for Vaporeon
  • 'Sparky' for Jolteon
  • 'Pyro' for Flareon

Evolve them while they bear one of these nicknames. It's recommended to restart the game after nicknaming since the servers are still kind of shaken up, so that the name sticks.
Hope I helped!

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this only works once per eevolution, or else doesn't work twice in a row for the same one
Alright thanks!
It always works for me, unless im just getting lucky
It's always worked for me too, and I don't see it say 'only once' anywhere