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I have access to another ds and I have soulsilver and I am at the fifth gym in pearl and in the eighth in soulsilver so I need a Pokemon I can catch at this point in ether game that has ability or something to help me against the fifth gym

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"If an attacker faints a Pokémon with Aftermath using a contact move, the attacker will lose 1⁄4 of their maximum HP."

I assume you are having trouble against Drifblim. A good way to defeat it is to use a non-contact move. Drifblim is weak to Electric and Ice. A few good Pokemon are:

  • Pikachu / Raichu. Evolve it at Level 26 when it learns Thunderbolt. You don't even need to evolve it.

  • Haunter / Gengar. Gengar learns Shadow Ball at Level 33. It outspeed Drifblim and launches a STAB super effective blast of dark energy with a base 130 special attack stat. Boom. Dead Drifblim.

  • Golem. Rock Blast is learnt at Level 27. Rock is a good type against a flying type.

  • Any normal type with a special attacking move. All it can do is Minimize and/or gust. A rock move is also good.

But Aftermath isn't a huge problem. Potions can heal you immediately, and it is only for contact move. So yeah, don't stress yourself.

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Thank you this will help greatly for when I face the fifth gym on my current playthough or any other playthough of pearl