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I have a level one shiny rotom with these stats

Attack 6
Defense 6
Sp. Atk 7
Sp. Def 5
Speed 7
Ability Levitate
Hidden Power

Egg obtained: 1/17/2015
From: Pokemon center
(I hatched it)
Characteristic: Alert to sounds

I hatched it and it already knew hidden power


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In terms of stats, it seems to be legit, although I don't know if its HP stat is because you didn't include it (P.S.: at level one, it has to be 12).

In terms of moves, yes, it is legit according to bulbapedia... (Link)

Egg Moves are one of several ways of inheriting moves from parents. Prior to Generation VI, a bred Pokémon will inherit any TM/HM moves which its father knows, if it is compatible with that TM/HM.

Of course, levitate is its correct ability as well.

And the characteristic is indeed possible, so my final judgment is that this rotom is legitimate. Congrats! :)

Trick question! I hacked an egg.

It was hacked