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Okay so i'm trying to evolve my cleffa into clefairy I know that it needs happiness and the happiness checker in Verdanturf town says :" It’s extremely friendly toward you. It couldn’t possibly love you more. It’s a pleasure to see!" which is 250+ friendship and every time I use a rare candy it wont evolve


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Using a rare candy should work but if not I would try to level cleffa normally through experience.

Hope this helps :)

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Cleffa needs max happiness to evolve.if your playing oras or xy,then youbmay use the happiness checker in the bottom screen of ur 3ds.if it shows 5 hearts then ur POKEMON has max happiness.u can use pokepuffs and play with ur POKEMON and it's happiness should eventually increase.hope this helps

The asker stated that their Pokemon already has maximum happiness. The happiness checker you're referring to is the one in Pokemon Amie, and displays an entirely different attribute called affection that does not affect any Pokemon's evolution except Eevee's.
Dude fizz,I evolved my riolu using POKEMON Amie and pokedex says riolu needs max happiness so what about that?even cleffa has same description (max happiness).I am pretty sure that's the way to do it.
And also I know it takes some time before u can get it to max happiness (I.e 5 hearts),but it is worth ur time if u really wanna evolve ur POKEMON.and lastly,after u getax happiness on ur Pokemon YOU HAVE TO LEVEL IT UP ONCE AND IT WILL SURELY EVOLVE.also u need to be aware of the time of the day ur evolving.but cleffa has no such restrictions and any time of the day is fine for it to evolve
I converted the answer to a comment so that the conversation will flow properly.
The reason your Riolu appeared to evolve through affection in Pokemon Amie would be because it also happened to have sufficient happiness to evolve. Pokemon Amie had no bearing on when it evolved.
I will reiterate, in case it was not clear: the five hearts you see in Pokemon Amie are not the happiness used to evolve Pokemon, but instead a separate attribute called affection that does not have any link to happiness. Both Riolu and Cleffa evolve using happiness, not affection from Pokemon Amie like your answer suggests.
I never contested anything you mentioned in your second comment, except that the five hearts are used to evolve Cleffa. The "happiness" attribute that causes Cleffa to evolve is a hidden number that can only be estimated using vague descriptions from in-game characters -- as the original post mentions, the Cleffa has the maximum 255 happiness, which exceeds the requirement for evolution which is 220.
If anything about what I said is unclear, let me know. The links below will further describe both happiness and affection, if you are at all interested: