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I'm raising a new competitive team. I was hoping to replay Pokemon X before Sunday and Moon release, but as far as ev's go I'm not sure if it'd be safer to replay the story or just level up by constantly rebattling the Alpha Saphire elite 4. I'll max their hearts in amie and super train either way. My new team includes, Umbreon, Charizard, Lapras, Noivern, Ferrothorn, and a shiny Manectric I just hatched. They all have perfect nature's, but please let me know what to do. Also, not sure if this qualifies as a battle subway question or not, but I'm assuming not as I'm not asking about my actual team, just whether replying the game or battling the league would be safer to ev train.

Sunday and Moon are looking to be good.
I'm more of a Saturday-afternoon person.

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battling the elete 4 over and over again will be better because if some of your Pokemon are probably high level and you wont be able to use them until late in he Pokemon x/y game.

hope I helped :)

Thanks, but what if my Pokemon are all literally level 5?
You could use blissey bases in ORAS. If you don't know what those are, they're basically bases filled with trainers using blisseys that cant hurt you. They give the most exp out of all Pokemon and are re-usable and free. Just google Blissey Bases and scan the code that pops up in images.

Not posting this as answer because it isn't what the question asked.
You said what if all your Pokémon are all lv 5 but noivern evolves at lv 48 so I obviously know by reading your question that your Pokemon are quite a high level :)
They're all still in their first evolution still, and they're all actually level 1 except for eevee who is a level 5 umbreon. I'm still breeding lapras though. What should I do?
I'm still breeding lapras, and all my other pokemon are still in their first evolution and are all recently hatched level 1, except for Eevee who is now a level 5 Umbreon. What should I do?
if your pokemon are under lv 20 maybe say 15 max replay pokemon x/y.