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Im going to face the pokemon leage now so I need help ok

my team
unfezant(lvl36)-fly,air slash,roost,qiuk attack
sawsbuck(lvl37)-jump kick,horn leech,megahorn,take down
zebstrike(lvl38)-stomp,flame charge,pursuit,discharge
krookodile(lvl41)-foul play,assurance,dig,sand tomb
fraxure(lvl43)-dragon tail,dragon pulse,dragon claw,falseswipe
samurott(lvl48)-aqua tail,razor shell,surf,cut

beat gym badges with rather weak pokemon


2 Answers

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Unefezant: okay maybe could be a little higher
sawbuck: not a very good pokemon I think but it is your choise and could be a little higher and same with zebstrika but for zebstrika get rid of pursuit for thunderbolt
all good but instesd of focusing on samurott fight wild audinos to get alot of exp and make sure you use a lucky egg rating out of ten: 6 and a half because there could be inprovements and for the elite 4 get all to level 50

Hey I beat every one with weaker im suprized ive been grounded from it so I had this for little over a week
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Well if your just going to beat the elite four then its okay but I'd advise you to evolve faxure to haxorus i.e. lv 48 then triain krookodile to lv 45 and the rest to 40 that would qite be enough!!