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If so, which of Jigglypuff's attacks can meteor smash?

jigglypuffs down speical (hold button) edge gaurding works
I'm almost certain that Rest isn't classified as a meteor smash, but I could be wrong.

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Sadly, it doesn't. None of its moves have a meteor smash or a meteor effect.

Source: Playing Jigglypuff a lot. And getting stupid Rest kills. Sour spot F-air into Rest works, surprisingly.

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This saddens me.
Sakurai you butt
Add him to the list of characters who can't
Fox Dr Mario Peach Wario Pacman Jigglyboy Lucario Meta Knight Bowser Jr Corrin.
Rip in the blast zone
Peach's Down Tilt and Dr. Mario's Forward Air can Meteor Smash.
Not in the air, they don't.  And Dr. Mario's doesn't, I've tested it out with both sweetspots and sours. It only has huge knockback.
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Yes. Jigglypuff can perform a Meteor smash with Spinphony, but without using custom moves, her Down Arial can do a trapping meteor smash.

It is not easy, but do-able.