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Is it worth it teaching a Pokemon 2 moves of the same type if one of them is stronger, but has low acuracy?

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For example a Swanna with EVs in Special Attack having both Hurricane and Air Slash.

When I thought about this, I think like using Air Slash on standard foes, but Hurricane when the enemy is bulkier and won't be defeated in one hit by Air Slash. I also have moves to counter other Pokémon types.

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I do this in-game all the time, but it's much rarer competitively. Which one are you talking about?
You can literally do anything in-game as long as you don't have a team of six feebases
I think it's ok to have 2 moves of the same type on a Pokemon In-game or Competitive like an Infernape knowing Mach Punch and Close Combat. Close Combat for Power, Mach Punch for Priority, and Both For STAB.

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For in-game usage this is fine, and even beneficial so you can have 100% accuracy on annoying weak trainers who you're forced to battle, while having powerful moves against better trainers like the Elite 4.
Competitvely, this is much rarer and usually not a good idea because other moves, such as coverage and utility, are more valuable. It is viable in some cases however, usually if the Pokemon lacks coverage or if the secondary move has some other beneficial effect.
For example, Keldeo commonly runs both Hydro Pump and Scald because it lacks Special coverage moves outside of Icy Wind and for Scald's chance to burn.

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It is extremely viable sometimes. One dimensional mons with limited movesets yet powerful moves like Keldeo run two moves of the same type for different power. For in-game however, I would say it wouldn't be necessary due to the little difficulty of in-game battles, and also because the stats aren't set at max 31 IVs all the time for both sides, so you won't know the calcs either to know if it is worth it.

Competitively, it can be a huge advantage. Some mons that only learn a special fighting type move in Focus Blast will sometimes replace it with hidden power fighting. That is literally half the base power and costs a few important IVs, such as speed just so it won't miss and it gets damage off. Just getting damage off to put it in range of the next powerful and accurate attack is one of the ways competitive tries to minimize luck.

But sometimes the extra power is needed for sweeping Pokemon. The base power, compared to other accurate options, can put it in range of OHKOing or 2HKOing. It all matters on what you plan to use that Pokemon for in the end. If it is the main sweeper of the team, yes, I'd risk putting something like Fire Blast or Hydro Pump on something. If not, I'd rather not risk it. But even for sweepers, I feel moves of around 70% accuracy are too risky and unreliable. Its all personal preference. In-game, I would say definitely not. Having more coverage in-game is always more viable in my opinion.

TL;DR There is no right answer in general, its situational. Better for competitve than in-game.

I hope this helps.

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That is a good idea but just go with weaker move in case the opponent has a move tats super effective against your Pokemon because the stronger move might miss a few times. Hope this helped.^-^

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It would. both of them is powerful moves and about the misses... NO ONE CARES ABOUT MISSES ANYMORE (gosh why am I yelling) there is always carbon powerups to boost accuracy because swanna cant learn any accuracy boosting moves.

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who downvoted me?
why is every1 down voting me?
I didn't downvote you, but people definitely still care about misses. They determine games. And also, you only addressed the in-game side of this question, and not the competitive side.
oh. they should've told me first