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I just started a non-Unova team today and this is what I got:
Altaria lvl 49 Naughty nature trait natural cure
earthquake,cotton guard,dragon claw,fly
Onix lvl 49 adamant nature trait rock head
iron tail,earthquake,dragon tail,stealth rock
Tropius lvl 49 lax nature trait solar power
solarbeam,fly,body slam,earthquake
Jigglypuff lvl 48 modest nature trait cute charm
body slam,gyro ball,wake-up slap,wild charge
Gengar lvl 55(shiny,got off the gts) quirky nature trait levitate
hypnosis,shadow ball,dream eater,hex
i meant black in the title.sorry!

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All strong pokemon apart jigglypuff shuldnt be there or it should have sing and try and get a water or fire type in there and give tropius miricle seed and youll be done but try and get ledgenaries in there and maybe a bit stronger pokemon like lucario etc