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The dive ball gets the multiplier for the underwater grass in R/S and oRaS, but what I'm reading on Bulbapedia is that while every other game in the main series also gets the multiplier for surfing and fishing, the gen III range do not. Have I read this correctly, and is it a typo? (On a side note I've never used dive in Gen V, are there Pokémon to be caught while diving in gen V?)

Why wouldn't it be correct?
I've seen incorrect information on sites before. just wanted to clear up the details, particularly with oRaS

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The Dive Ball is a PokéBall that works best on Pokémon when you are Underwater having used the HM move Dive in Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald. In later games, the Dive Ball is more effective on Pokémon who are found in the water while Surfing or Fishing. When Underwater, Surfing or Fishing, the Capture Rate of the Dive Ball is 3.5. At all other times, it is 1.
CatchValue = ((( 3 Max HP - 2 HP ) (Catch Rate 3.5 ) / (3 Max HP) ) Status Modifier

Serebii says the exact same thing, so I doubt it is a typo. The only logical conclusion this data provides is that the multiplier does not apply to Pokémon caught while fishing or Surfing in RSE/ORAS.

TL;DR Due to the information being the same on two reputable websites, it is true that the Dive Ball multiplier does not apply to fishing/surfing in Gen III. This is true in ORAS as well, being remakes.

Also there are no Pokémon you can catch in Gen V while diving except Lugia. But, before the battle starts all the water dries up so you're not really diving anymore.

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thanks, pretty clear, then. I should stop wasting them while surfing/fishing. A small yet vital point