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They did it for the Kanto/Johto games

Yeah,that would be Poketastic!

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Good Question. No one knows that yet. Here is what I have noticed though. Listen to this: Ever since the emerald series, there has been a new game, then remake, listen(r=remake, o=original)Emerald Saphire, ruby(O), Fr, lg(r), d/p/pl(o), hg, ss(r), Black and White(o). So next would be a remake of generation 3, if they continue this pattern. I hope they have a remake, that would be sweet.

Oh my god I have the exact same theory! I'm so glad someone else finally figured it out.
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As Swampert said there is no information yet, but it is quite likely. It's also not known whether they will release remakes before or after the "third" game.

In generation III, they released Ruby/Sapphire, followed by the remakes FireRed/LeafGreen, followed by the "third" game Emerald. In generation IV, they released Diamond/Pearl, followed by the "third" game Platinum, followed by the remakes HeartGold/SoulSilver.

So it is likely they will release a "Pokemon Grey" (or whatever they call it) first, before remakes. It's not clear if Black/White will be fully utilizing the new Nintendo 3DS console, so I have a feeling that the next games will use more 3D.

Note: it's all speculation at this point!

I really hope they do I heard that they were the best games ever
They are.