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Check to see if it's holding an everstone. An everstone is an item that prevents the holder from evolving. Also, if you have actually encountered the evolving screen, make sure you aren't pressing the B button. Also, have you left it at the daycare? It will not evolve at the daycare, no matter what level it grew to. If that's the case, simply raise it up a level again and it will evolve.

It would also help to know how you obtained your Gible. Did you receive it in trade? If so, it might be hacked to evolve later or not at all.

Thanks. I caught it as a lvl 27 actually.
Ah, that's probably why.
If you caught it at level 27, it should evolve when you level it up.
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Gible evolves at Level 24, and here's why it Probably didn't Evolve:

  1. If a Pokemon Levels up and then faints in battle, the Pokemon won't Evolve.

  2. Like what KipKip said, make sure the Gible is not holding an Everstone. If a Pokemon holds an Everstone, it won't Evolve.

  3. Pokemon Level up in the Daycare but they don't Evolve.

  4. Make sure the Gible is not Hacked. Ways to find out is by the Pokemon having Illegal moves, etc.

  5. Did the Evolution screen show up and did you press The B Button by Accident?

Source: Knowledge and Experience
Hope this Helps :)

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Wait until it reaches Level 32 ^_^
I hope this helps XD