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I've just downloaded the sun and moon demo and I've gone to play it but a message comes up saying that the save data is corrupted. I've tried re-downloading it from the shop but the message still comes up. Why's this coming up and how do I fix it?

When uninstalling the demo version, did you select the option to backup the app's save data? If so, that corrupted save data is being loaded by the reinstalled game and that's why the error is still there.

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here is what may have happened that I can think of:

You always accidentally drop your 3ds (not an insult)

The game may be fake

Your 3ds had a old owner who dropped their 3ds alot

Maybe data from another Pokemon game you have confused it and caused it

thats all I can think of

An eShop demo can't be fake.
it is possible someone created a fake duplicate of the game with same exact things
I'm almost certain that a fake copy of a game  can't be put on the eShop, as Nintendo puts the games on the eShope themselves.
Never dropped it.
Can't be fake it was on the e-shop.
First Owner of the 3ds.
Can't see how that would work.
Thanks anyway though
None of these, unless by dropping you mean hurling it around, could be the cause.
ok, if you say so :L