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So I got this Cresselia from a very nice passerby yesterday. But I'm starting to wonder if it's hacked.

It's caught in a Master Ball, is lvl. 50, Japanese, has Pokerus, and only two moves. I have yet to check its IVs or where it was caught.

How do you know if it's truly hacked? I care less about it being illegitimate, and more about whether or not I'll be able to transfer it to Sun and Moon with Pokebank. It's just a cool Pokemon I don't want to lose.

How do I know?

what moves does it know?
Good question. Aurora Beam and Slash. Is that on its learnset?

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Your Cresselia is legit

Cresselia is found in the wild at level 50 in ORAS, and it learns both Aurora Beam and Slash before then. This person probably just used a Master Ball on it just cause, made it relearn some moves, and somehow gave it Pokerus. If its not hacked, the original capture location should be Crescent Isle or somewhere in Sinnoh, and the IVs are probably fine.

A truly hacked Pokemon can be hard to tell, but usually they're perfect in every way. Shiny, lv.100, perfect IVs, you know the rest. But theres always a chance that someone hacked it to be imperfect, so the only real way to tell is to send it through Pokemon Bank.

Hope I helped!

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What about in Gen V on the bridge going to Black city/White forest (sorry I don't remember the name)
Its level 68 in that game, the levels too high. Its level 50 in Sinnoh and Hoenn though, so it makes more sense.
Just checked its IVs and location. It's from Sinnoh and 3 of it IVs are actually pretty bad haha. So I guess it's most likely legit! Thanks!
Cresselia wasn't introduced until Gen 4
sinnoh was gen 4..
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I wouldn't worry tooo much about pokebank if it turns out hacked, the system the app uses hasn't proven very effective. I have seen many hacked Pokemon that have gotten through