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title. move was ice punch. code: 6D8W WWWW WW55 Y4KB

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I would answer, but I can't see the replay to get details. Generally, the chance of ice punch causing freeze 3 times in a row is 1/1000.
I can answer this but I need to know how many times Ice punch was used
I think he wants you to enter the code provided by the question. I don't have any 3ds games, so I can't answer.
@generekt I only used it 3 times when the opponent had something that i couldn't mach punch. so each pokemon only took me one ice punch to freeze

so each battle i used icepunch once and it freezed. I icepunched again to ko the frozen pokes because i only had 2 fighting moves and a dark type move.
@sumwun the code is just to show how i used it in each battle

but the code pretty much shows the opponent focus sash countering my swellow, i switch into conceldurr (because mach punch) , he switches out into salamance, mega evolves and dragon dances, then i ice punch and freeze him.

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The chance of Ice Punch freezing a Pokemon is 10%. The next time one uses Ice Punch it will habve the same chance, and so on. Thus for it to freeze two times in a row is 10% of 10%, or one in 100. A third time it would be a another 10% chance, thus a 1 in 1000 chance.

In short: 1 in 1000.

Source: http://pokemondb.net/ability/serene-grace
Some basic math.

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You sure he used ice punch exactly three times? He may have used it multiple times in some of his battles.