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I know how to get the dungeons, differently leveled tickets, etc. but I'm replaying through it rn and I don't remember if the shop offered reviver seeds or how to unlock those in the shop. I'm guessing its just recycling a whole bunch? I'm not talking the special offers that are sometimes there either. There should be items in the same menu where you can trade in for prize tickets with stuff like Oran Berries and such. Are Oran Berries and Heal Seeds the only things you can recycle for there? I thought there was more but I don't remember. Sorry for the old question. Thanks :)

I can't find the list of items you can recycle, but this is the list of items you can get with tickets. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Prize_Ticket
Im just bumping this so that maybe it gets answered...

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I'm just reading this off the Bulbapedia article. Please tell me if I've mis-interpreted something.
Items can be obtained by redeeming prize tickets. There are four kinds of prize tickets, with different obtaining methods.

Prize ticket: recycle 4 items after Spinda's Cafe opens
Silver ticket: recycle 6 items after the player reaches Silver Rank and Project P has been announced
Gold ticket: recycle 8 items after reaching gold rank
Prism ticket: recycle 10 items or get from sky gift after reaching hyper rank and beating primal Dialga

When redeeming a ticket, the items you get depend on whether you get a loss, win, or big win. I really don't want to copy the item tables here, so I hope you'll be okay with reading some of this article.