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if you have a adrenaline orb use that with a destiny knot it works :)
That was for my ingame team so I didn't have any things like that.

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12.5 % female
87.5 % male
(Unfortunate if you are looking to get Salazzle)

Source: Serebii Pokedex

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so thats why the 20 salandits aren't female. rip salazzle
took me thirty minutes to get a female salandit. dear god.
same way here r.i.p salandits just found one thank god
first salandit i ran into was female so i got lucky
The chances are far better than a shiny. And for all of you female hunters out there, don't go with the Adrenaline Orb strategy. If you get a shiny male... XD
Psh, it only took me around five minutes to catch one.
the first salandit i seen in the game was female :D
I found a female salandit on my 2nd salandit (randomly).... too bad I dont want it for my permanent team as I just want a grassium z