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Just asking to make sure I don't have to waste hours in a link trade trying to get one.


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Yes all you have to do is rebattle the elite four and defend your title of champion.

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You don't have to rebattle the elite four
Can I get a 2nd Tapu Koko if I trade my Tapu with someone else? Just a doubt I have. Thx.
You may not catch two
Yeah u do u have to battle the elite four
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thats not what happened with me. I just went back to the tapu's area after the credits and faced it again.
you don't have to face the Elite four and defend your championship
Hope I Helped!!!
(oh and who would want to trade anything for tapu koko? each and every person can get it, no matter how many times you KO it. now if it was a Solgaleo for a Lunala then yeah thats understandable)

Can i only do it once or can I keep ko'ing him and keep having him respawn.
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I beat Tapu Koko twice and he didn't come back again. I keep trying, but he's not coming back, so I don't think you can catch him again if you beat him twice.