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i have had my Golbat now 5 heart happy from level 25 he is now level 39 I keep him fully feed/ play with him all the time. I dont let the feed or music notes drop below 3. I have tried leveling him at night and in the day time. I can not seem to get him to evolve to Crobat. any tips on how to evolve him?


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Golbat evolves into Crobat with high happiness (aka friendship). It sounds like you're using Pokemon Refresh, which increases "affection", not happiness which is a separate thing.

Happiness is increased by keeping the Pokemon in your party, battling, not letting it faint. But the best way is to let it hold a Soothe Bell, which increases happiness as you walk around. If Golbat is level 39 already you are probably close, give it the Soothe Bell and it should evolve in a few more levels.

Golbat has been my main Pokémon from when it evolved to level 39.  I been using him in every battle and not letting him faint at all. I'm fighting wreaking Pokémon. Then it to make sure it does not get one shot.

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Happiness increases by a very large amount if the Pokemon as participated in a high stakes battle (such as against a gym leader or your rival). Also by levelling up. Try power levelling and fighting stronger enemies.
Golbat evolved for me at level 42. Thanks a bunch for the help.
Mine is level 50. I've been using it on my team as first Pokemon not switching to others and it hasn't fainted since level 39. It is holding a soothe bell and has high happiness, but it is still a Golbat. What's up?