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Caught my Tapu Bulu, fully EV trained him without gaining a single level.
If I use him in the Battle Royale / Battle tree will his stats scale down to an EV trained level 50 or non-Ev trained since he hasn't technically gotten any of the bonus stat gain yet?

Why don't you just try it?
Cause I don't get off work until tonight and if someone already knew how the mechanic worked I'd rather just let them tell me so I don't have to trial run and test stat calcs in comparison to showdown.

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The game would scale to an EV trained level 50. The mechanic where EVs apply after level up was retired in Black/White where they started to update after each battle instead, regardless of whether or not the Pokemon levelled up. Now, as of X/Y, any changes to EVs apply immediately -- that is, a level up or battle is not required for them to take effect. (More details on that in this post.)

So your Tapu Bulu will not only have its stats scaled to an EV trained level 50 -- its EVs should have already applied to its stats outside of the Battle Royale and Battle Tree as well.

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Oh cool had no idea that mechanic updated. That's convenient.