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What Pokemon would I need to catch first? I would need a bagon with hidden ability and a bagon with adamant nature. Than I would need to IV train them correctly, and this would result in an IV trained bagon that will eventually have moxie. This is where I get confused, since I am new to breeding. I would need to get a Pokemon with all 3 moves I want (Last one is Aerial Ace, and thats a TM) and try to breed that into an Adamant Hidden Ability bagon? Thanks in advance.

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A male Dragonite can pass down both Dragon Rush (Level 47) and Dragon Dance (Level 61) to Salamence via breeding.

Using the Move Reminder, Salamence can actually learn Fire Fang without breeding! Though it can be bred with Fire Fang, it'd be much easier to do it this way.

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It did, thank you so much. Random additional question, if the bagon has sheer force, the hidden ability, will it end with its hidden ability?
Yep! A Bagon with Sheer Force will evolve into a Salamence with Moxie.