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As some of you may nostalgically recall, the only remotely good items in Generation 3 were leftovers and choice band. Smogon doesn't suggest anything but leftovers and choice bands except on Pokemon with species-exclusive items like Latios. I'm trying to build a three-Pokemon team to play with item clause, and obviously leftovers and choice band are only two items. These are the items that might be worth using.
Shell Bell
Type-enhancing item that powers up the most used attack (hard stone, mystic water, etc.)
Quick claw
Sitrus berry
Lum berry
Bright powder
So in which situations would I pick one of the above items over the rest?


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If your Pokemon is bulky, sitrus berry or leftovers would be good.
If your Pokemon is a fast physical attacker and has a typing which makes it prone to status conditions, like burn or paralysis, I suggest lum berry. Bright powder can be paired with minimize or other evasiveness increasing moves, this is effective on bulky Pokemon.
Shell bell is good on tanky Pokemon that do a lot of damage like snorlax. Also keep in mind what your opponent(s) would be using. For example if status conditions are not common in their teams, lum berry is rather useless. Modt of it should be common sense. Hope this helps ^-^

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