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So recently I hear my friends saying about the games that are maybe coming out soon. And they said it was Temporal Diamond and Spatial Pearl. I thought it was obvious because Dialga is a Temporal Pokemon and Palkia was a Spatial Pokemon. I searched the Internet, and realised there was another name called Celestial Pearl. How weird???

I also found some website saying that Spatial Pearl is announced. Spatial Pearl or Celestial Pearl???


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This is speculation. Nintendo hasn't confirmed Sinnoh Remakes, so nothing you read about new Sinnoh Remakes should be taken seriously
Where they would have the release stuff

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Do you have any source?
I added a souce
Just because they haven't confirmed anything yet doesn't mean they aren't working on it.  There were a TON of Easter Eggs in Sun/Moon pointing to Sinnoh remakes, just like X/Y had a ton of Hoenn Easter Eggs.
Easter eggs????????????????? What's that??????????
thats a lot of question marks lol.
An easter egg is a seceret in a game.