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I'm playing through AS again and want a fighting type for my team. The ones that are the easiest to obtain without trading from another game are Machop and Makuhita. I'm a little stuck on which one I should choose, so if you know then thanks.

EDIT: Looks like I'll be using Hariyama then! Thanks ya'll!

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Oh also, I forgot to add. Would maybe Heracross be a good addition? Is easily obtainable? I started with Mudkip so do I need a fighting type?
I personally think Hariyama would be better, as it gets Thick Fat, which gives it bonus resistances, but both are great options for a team.

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I personally have never used Haracross or Machamp in my team, but Hairyama has carried me through AS. force palm and the later learned wake up slap helped me through the gyms, and in the e4 it got close combat. Yeaaaa a little op. On top of it all, it gets thick fat, which gives it resistance against ice and fire, which means you can speed through Glacia with it. You can find it in Granite Cave, or trade Slakoth in Rustboro City. So you can speed through Petalburg, Mauville, and maybe some trouble in Mossdeep.

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I think so hariyama is good for your team because it has such amazing abilities like guts and thick fat and it's total Base stats are 474 and you can easily catch it with heavy ball but it's training is too hard