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Unfortunately, that's not how Abilities work.

First things first, an Ability Capsule will never give you a Hidden Ability. Hidden Abilities are by their very design special, requiring you to invest time in order to acquire them. In a lot of cases, they can completely change the battle function of a given Pokemon.

As you may or may not be aware, some species of Pokemon can have 2 different basic Abilities, and some only have access to 1. Species with only 1 basic Ability will not be affected by the Ability Capsule. Simply put, there is no other Ability to switch to. Species with 2 basic Abilities will trade the one they have for the other option.

For example, if Skarmory has Keen Eye, using an Ability Capsule on it will change its Ability to the other basic option, Sturdy. But no matter how many Ability Capsules you give it, you will never receive it's Hidden Ability, Weak Armor.

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