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Is it really worth getting a Silvally?

In-game? Or Competitive?
I am using it ingame.

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I personally think that Silvally is worth to be trained, primarily because of its excellent stats distribution, hence it could potentially carry out multiple roles in competitive play such as bulky sweeper or walls.

Its typing is normal which leaves you with fighting type as the only vulnerable factor to it while immune to ghost type. Plus, the ability of RKS system would give you an advantage at hand to counter the weakness coverage of your desired competitive team. Despite its great stats distribution, it can be clearly seen that everything is even and not a specific spectrum of the stats stands out.

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Silvally is a really good Pokemon with a 95 in each stat-column, is nice for filling the Pokedex, but you do get Type: Null post-game and you probably can catch better Pokemon. Though take it into consideration, you only get on Type: Null and does have the ability RKS System which allows him to change types so that's cool. I would train him because it's a pritty cool Pokemon so that's that...