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Serperior; item: big root
Leaf Blade, Giga Drain, Aerial Ace, Swords Dance
Reuniclus; item: expert belt
Psychic, Shadow Ball, Focus Blast, Thunder
ninetales; item: flame plate
flamethrower,energy ball,extrasensory, nasty plot
Dragonite; item: quck claw
outrage,thunderbolt,stone edge, fly
milotic; item: leftovers
ice beam,hydro pump, surf, recover
weavile; item: rocky helmet
ice shard, night slash, brick break, swords dance
all level 81
and thinking of replacing weavile with glaceon

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What are your glaceon's moves?
I don't have a glaceon yet.. I will get it when I befriend it from the dream world :P
but it will be this:
ability: ice body
moves: hail, blizzard, shadow ball, and idk yet (mirror coat, hidden power?)

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Hmm... A little far from perfect.

Serperior: Miracle Seed ( His only attacking move is grass so.. )
Leaf Blade ( STAB )
Swords Dance / Coil ( Power Up )
Reflect ( He's Fast its good for setting up )
Light Screen ( Reflects best friend! Same purpose )

Reuniclus : Shell Bell ( HP!!! yaaaay )
Psyshock ( People aren't expecting physical damage :D STAB
Focus Blast ( Coverage )
Calm Mind ( Power Up
Recover ( Lets get more HP! )

Note: I know the reuniclus set isn't amazing, but really Alakazam is a much better choice.

Ninetails is fine.

Dragonite : Life Orb
Dragon Claw / Outrage ( STAB )
Dragon Dance ( Power Up )
Brick Break ( Covers Ice )
Earthquake ( General Coverage ) OR Fly ( More STAB )

Milotic : Leftovers
Aqua Ring ( With leftovers compliments.. )
Protect ( Stall for aqua ring & leftovers boost, and.. )
Toxic ( With Protect you can stall out alot of your opponents life, while getting yours back with aqua ring and leftovers )
Surf ( STAB )

Weavile : Rocky Helmet is fine
Night Slash ( STAB )
Ice Shard ( STAB )
Swords Dance ( Power Up )
Ariel Ace ( Never Misses, and its good agaisn't fighting which is 4x super effective agaisn't weavile.

Hope this helped :D