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We won't know until Poké Bank is released. But, if the trend of the last 20 years continues, Sun/Moon Pokémon will not be transferrable to XY/ORAS because Pokémon cannot travel back to previous generations.
But ORAS tries to look as if it was a gen 3 game but it has  gen 4 - 6 Pokemon available in it. Plus a million legendaries. There is not even 1,000 Pokemon :L
ORAS are technically Generation 6 games.
What I mean is, a Pokémon in Black cannot be transferred back to Diamond. A Pokémon in Y cannot be transferred back to Black. If this trend persists, a Pokémon in Sun will not be able to be transferred back to Y.

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Basically, you can't transfer Pokemon from a game with the Pokemon to a game where the Pokemon is not released in that generation. So you can't transfer Pokemon from gen. 7 to gen. 6. Also, the next update for pokebank will change a lot of stuff. Sorry if this is confusing.

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