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Most Pokémon get their EVs from the most proficient stats
Example: Blissey's HP is 255 so it gives off 3 EVs
But why do Shedninja give off 2 HP EVs when they have only 1 HP?
This also goes for Mandibuzz which gives off 2 SpA EVs when Sp. Atk is it's lowest stat ( The question was already answered )

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This may allude to the concept that it is harder to hit Shedinja due to its invincibility to everything except Super-Effective moves, weather and status conditions. However, it is important to note that EV yields are unseen to regular players and so Shedinja's EV yield may be a funny Easter Egg of sorts. Considering Shedinja is encountered so scarcely in the games, it would be a relatively harmless and humorous thing for Game Freak to do.

That being said, the real reason only lies with Game Freak. For now, we speculate.

Hope I helped. :)

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Thx, and actually Shedninja can only give off 2 EVs in Pokémon Battles, not wild Pokémon because it cannot be encountered in the wild.