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No, its not hacked or from a trade I caught it legit on Ten Carat Hill at level 13, Im playing Pkmn Moon and it has not evolved into Lycanroc, Its currently level 29 AND has not yet evolved, I'm wondering why? I tried healing it and leveling it up without K.O-ing it, so why hasn't it just evolved... Does it affect that I'm playing IRL Nighttime while in my 3DS its Daytime? (AKA Pkmn Moon being day in night and vice-versa) Please someone explain to me this.


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Yes, if it is daytime IN GAME, that time affects evolution. You can wait till it is night in game, or change the time to morning to make it night. Then level it up one more time, and it should evolve. Hope I helped!

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I tried again IRL Day, fed it a Rare Candy and now it evolved! Its a great help to my team so, thanks alot!
Glad I could help!