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And if you think that is bad look at Gastly's Movepool.
What's wrong with Gastly's movepool. Also, do Beheeyem/Elgyem learn steel wing???
... . holds breath . Sucker Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Sunny Day, Thunderbolt, Dazzling Gleam, Substitute, (how does he even attract the plushie with no hands?) Explosion, and Thief. Also, yes they do.
Probopass, Wooper, and Electrode all learn punching moves iirc... move logic is really weird.

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No one really knows why they can, since GF never stated anything about it, but there are 2 prevailing theories;

  • The first is that in Gen V, TM51 was Ally Switch, a move that fits Elgyem and Beheeyems types and personalities, being as its a weird, Psychic type move, and they're weird, Psychic Pokemon. But in Gen VI, TM51 became Steel Wing, so its very possible that they forgot to state that Elgyem and Beeheyem shouldn't be able to learn TM51 in the games code when carrying over Gen V's information to Gen VI.
  • The second theory, which is less plausible, but cooler, says that it can learn Steel Wing because its TM51, which is supposed to be a reference to Area 51, which really fits in with their whole alien theme. Again, its probably less likely, but its a nice cherry on top to a Pokemon full of alien pop culture references.

These were all the theories I could unearth, let me know if there are any others! Hope I could help!

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