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I just beat Whitney, and here are my Pokemon:
Heracross: Lvl 9
Quilava: Lvl 20
Wooper: Lvl 13
Bellsprout: Lvl 14
Zubat: Lvl 14
Mareep: Lvl 14
Are these underleveled?


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If you beat Whitney with this team, I'd have to say you had a lot better luck than me.

In my opinion, this team is under leveled.

Quilava is your starter Pokemon, so I understand why you train it more than the other Pokemon on your team, it's higher than your other Pokemon by 6-11 levels! If I were you, I'll start training the other Pokemon straight after the Goldenrod gym ('right here, right now,' quoted by Sophocles) (that's just my opinion, you could just train a few and train the others later).

Start with Mareep, because Mareep's Thundershock is the next move other than Tackle (which never effects ghost type Pokemon) with the most PP to take on Gastly's Spite. By then, Mareep should already evolve onto a Flaaffy now, so it you have a lot more power. If Flaaffy fainted in the Ecruteak gym battle I'm sure Quilava can revenge it.

After that, start training up you other Pokemon, you might consider staying in Goldenrod for a while to give Zubat a few haircuts to get it ready to evolve into a Crobat after level 22. If you don't train up now while it's easy, don't even think about having a team that's over leveled in the future. Try to catch some more Pokemon for backups if one of your team members doesn't suit you anymore for some reason, I usually fill my team up along the way to the Elite Four.

Other than that, good luck to become the Champion of Jhoto! Hope I helped!

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Yes, this team is underleveled

Your team is very early and that's the reason why your team is underleveled. I usually get my full team around 6-8 Gym Badges in most of my HGSS playthroughs. Also, I noticed that you are biased towards Quilava. The only way to change the Situation now is Training. I suggest you level up all of your Pokemon to 22. The reason why you need to level up to a high level is because your team is very early and if you don't train right now, your team will be very Underleveled in the future. Training would be hard without he Exp. Share and the Lucky Egg. But those can only be gotten late in the game. So now you just have to train in the Tall Grass. Some other suggestions are Replacing your Pokemon. For example, you could replace Marreep with Eevee which will envolve into Jolteon. Eevee is gotten later in the game, so you will have more time to train other Pokemon. You can also replace Wooper with Lapras or Zubat with Dragonite. Since they can really do well in the Elite 4 and Champion.

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That depends on your performance in the Gym Battle, really. If you managed to beat Whitney at all, you probably could progress, but you might do so with difficulty.

Whitney's Pokemon are Level 17 and 19, so the fact that only one of your Pokemon is anywhere near that level tells me that you should level your Pokemon up some more. Maybe not right now, but by the time you reach Morty, you should have some of your Pokemon (preferably all of them) at around Level 24+ because Morty's Gengar can put you to sleep and deal some huge hits. Although grinding can be boring, it benefits you greatly later on!

Hope I helped. :)