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SnekBoi (Snivey) Level 22
Leech Seed
Leaf Tornado

Steakout (Watchhog) Level 24
Super Fang
Confuse Ray

Okamiden (Growlithe) Level 22
Flame Wheel
Helping Hand

I just got to elesa's gym. what level should I be to?

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Above 25 at least, imo. Maybe 30, but Im not sure
well steakout is almost level 25. should i get a sandile?
What's wrong with being underleveled? If you lose, can't you just go back?
im just wondering if i am for the part of the game i am in.

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Definitely underleveled. Not over underleveled but your Pokémon should at least be the level of the gym leaders lowest Pokémon (28 in this case) Getting a Sandile would greatly help with the gym, but be sure to teach it a rock type move to take care of the Emolga.

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Thanks man! Time to battle that breeder that keeps challenging you lol