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If it's not Mewtwo, where does he rank?

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The highest is Mega Mewtwo Y with 194 Special Attack. So I suppose that counts as Mewtwo still having the highest, Regular Mewtwo is about number 15 on the list (tied with Mega Mewtwo X), if you are interested.

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Interesting. According to this Pokémon database, regular Mewtwo has a base Special Attack of 281. That seems pretty high for #15.
But non-mega mewtwo has base 154 special attack
not 281 [filler]
You mean "minimum"? Gotcha. So what about "maximum" (447)? Where would that rank?
I've told you where it ranks - number 15. I was just using the base stats as a reference, not the minumum/maximum stats, like you are talking about. Mewtwo has a base Special Attack of 154.
I just had a refresher over the stat chart, so I get it now. Thank you for your patience. Mega Mewtwo Y was the answer to my question, I take it. Cool.