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After 3 weeks of serching I finelly got a DW female totodile and im going to make a monster ... im planning to breed it with egg moves (ice punch and dragon dance) and teach it the moves bulldoze and waterfall :


nature: impish

personalety: capable of takeing hits

ev's : 252 attack 152 defence 106 HP

held item : life orb

moveset :

waterfall-great move gets boost out of life orb and sheer force makeing it much stronger + STAB

bulldoze-slowers the foe allmost as strong as earthquake with the boosts

ice punch-good reliable move+ boosts

dragon dance-boogy till you die (boost)

so overall with the abilety sheer force feraligatr is allmost unbeatable (yes im talking to you sunny team) also is earthquake getting a boost from sheer force ? if it does il switch bulldoz with earthquake else it will stay like this but if you got any suggestions how to improve the set or the ev's devision tell me please :)

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Bulldoze doesn't get a boost from Sheer Force,Because it's secondary effect's chance is 100%
Even if it did Earthquake would still be stronger
Although Earthquake would be stronger but it wouldn't have recoil with Life Orb.
Bulbapedia has updated the "moves that work with Sheer Force" and it appears that Bulldoze does get a power boost from Sheer Force.

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Earthquake does not get a boost from Sheer Force according to bulbapedia (for those of you who want to see it, check here http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Sheer_Force_(ability)#In_battle )

Your EVs need a bit of help. You only put them in increments of four, because every 4 Evs= 1 point in that stat. Having 106 in HP wastes 2 Evs that he could use somewhere else. the standard 252 atk/252 speed/4HP should do the job. He's already pretty bulky, and won't need defense if you can sweep through everything. Adamant or Jolly should do for a nature, but it's your choice.

Suggested moveset:

Waterfall-STAB, gets sheer force boost.

Ice punch-Covers ice Weakness, sheer force boost

Dragon Dance- As much as I hate it, it works well on him.

Earthquake-While it doesn't get sheer force boost, it's still a powerful move on its own. It still gets powered up from the life orb and from the dragon dance boosts, so it'll still be a reliable move. Covers his electric weakness, as well as several other types of pokemon.

These are my suggestions, but feel free to deviate from them as you feel necessary.

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