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It says in its description
It can throw a fire punch by setting its fists on fire with its fiery chin. It cares deeply about its friends.

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A lot of a the descriptions of Pokemon are false.
E.G. in Chandelure's description it says "it puts its foes into a hypnotic trance." although it can't learn Hypnosis.

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You see many descriptions are just a bit exaggerated.
Such as , a Dragonite can circle the Earth in just 16 hours whereas its speed it just 80.
Chandelure cant learn hypnosis as shaxotop said.
So you see many descriptions arent true.
I do believe that it is harsh that a fire pokemon with massive attack over sp.attack cant learn fire punch wich could have been an asset but well thats how it goes.

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Maybe they dont want Emboar overpowered even more because not only does it have the most stregthes of the Unova starters, it also has high attack and multiple types, and the others do not. (i dont kow about Samurott)
LOL Emboar is not Overpowered at all, if anything he is underpowered. If he had a base 110 Speed then he would be tough. Serperior is the most used Unova Starter.