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I personally consider myself a big fan of furries- anthropomorphized animals, animals with humanoid features.

Many Pokemon are based around animals, and some are very clearly anthropomorphic. But there are also some I can't quite tell if they're nessecarily anthro- they stand on two legs, but otherwise don't have any other humanoid features.

It might be a little opinionated, but which Pokemon are designed to be anthro? I know there's a difference between a Marowak that simply stand on two legs and a Delphox which is an obvious furry. What is a list of every Pokemon that is most likely or takes inspiration from anthropomorphized animals?

Isn't "furries" the term used to describe those who dress up as anthropomorphic animals, not the animals themselves?
It describes both, really.
Ah, I understand.
Abra isn't furry.

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Now. Don't Quote me, but this is my list.
Riolu Evo. Line, Kadabra, Alakazam, spinda, Hoenn Starter lines, Volbeat/Illumise, Oshawott line, Chimchar line, Tyrouge Family?, Buneary line, Tepig line, Whismur line, Sneasel line, Lickitung line, Totodile line, Typhlosion, Charmander+Squirtle lines, Meowth line, (alolan) rattata line, Sandshrew line, Pichu Line, Smeargle, Cleffa Line, Plusle/Minun, Fomantis line, Psyduck line, Mankey line, Azurill line, Mew(two?), Aipom line, Kalos Starter Lines, Slowbro/King, Rhydon, Rhypherior, Aggron, All Pseudo Legendary lines except beldum, Piplup line, Poliwag line, cubone line, Kabuto line, Carracosta, teddiursa line, Ampharos, Nidoking/Queen, Kangaskan, Bibarel, Snubull line, Armaldo, Golisopod, Cranidos line, Zangoose, Wooper line, Grumpig, Happiny Line? (is happiny based off an animal?), Patrat line? (prairie dogs are already bipedal), Bagon, Complete Zygarde, Drowzee line, Ralts line(s), Wynaut line, Croagunk line, Tympole line.

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Yeah except, for something to be anthro it has to be at least: bipedal (when not normally so) and animal-based. Some of these pokes don't march that criteria.
Sorry, this was a rush job.  I understand that some of these pokemon might not be bipedal but in most cases something in their evo line is, so I got a bit lazy. Let me fix my answer real quick.
How are the Ralts lines based off an animal? Plus, you forgot Incineroar