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Ok, so I just transfered my Pokemon from Y and Alpha Sapphire to Moon - except for my Raichu. I want to know if this Raichu is maybe hacked and if it will mess up my game if I transfer it. I got it in a trade some time ago so I didn't think at all that it might be hacked then. I did teach it and delete some moves since when I got it, but it didn't come with any strange moves when I first got it. I did not raise its level since I got it. I will tell you some information about it:

  • male
  • lvl. 100
  • shiny
  • Ability: static
  • has Pokerus
  • Attack stat: 228
  • Defense stat: 118
  • Sp. Atk stat: 180
  • Sp. Def stat: 185
  • Speed stat: 231
  • Has an Event Ribbon (definition for ribbon: "A Ribbon awarded for participating in a special Pokemon event")
  • Nature: Adamant
  • Date Met: 8/9/2014
  • Level Met: 10
  • Where: a Pokemon event
  • Note: Apparently a fateful encounter
  • Characteristic: Loves to eat

  • caught in a (I think) Safari Ball

What's the moveset, Iv's and Ev's of your Raichu?
If it has an ID of 08085 with a musical note at the end of its name: http://imgur.com/dG23Qvf.png
If it has an ID of 10095: http://imgur.com/9QFISPI.png
I believe that event Pokemon can't be transferred at all but I can't be sure.

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It won't mess your game up as it was caught in a pokeball.
I suggest removing the event ribbon first and check the moves that Raichu can learn.
If it knows moves that it can't learn them it is hacked. If it hasn't then it will be fine and wont affect your game.

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