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Role: sweeper
nature: Timid
EVS: 4 def 252 S.atk 252 Speed

Bug Buzz(STAB)
Quiver Dance(make Masquerain a threat)
Energy Ball(Coverage)
Ice Beam(Coverage)

does this bug have potential


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That being made clear, it's safe to say that Masquerain will have no hope competitively. That's to say, you shouldn't take into the OU rooms on Pokemon Online and try to use it. For a standard NU team, though, Masquerain looks like it's the best Bug available.

For a Sweeper, I like your set, but take out Bug Buzz or Ice Beam. Both attacks are useful, but they're basically used for the same reasons in NU, so replace one of them (I recommend Ice Beam) with Scald.

I'd prefer Galvantula, but Masquerain is number 2.
And I'd suggest replacing Energy Ball with Hydro Pum (no not Scald. Go with power.)
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I would recommend teaching Masquerain Hydro Pump because of that Weakness of Rock and Fire(it only a recommendation). it has potential with Hydro Pump and paired with Quiver Dance, it can sweep like a monster, so my answer is yes, it does WITH Hydro Pump

Hydro Pump never hits
Just giving my recommendation, it hits Fire types, what about Bubblebeam?
Focus Blast never hits, but people still use it... a wide lens can solve that problem.
And Hydro Pump is more accurate than Focus Blast anyways. On PO it hits a fair amount.