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Role: sweeper
nature: Timid
EVS: 4 def 252 S.atk 252 Speed

Bug Buzz(STAB)
Energy Ball(Coverage)
Quiver Dance(make Beautifly a threat)

does this bug have potential

Am I the only one who is loving these titles? :D
(make Beautifly a threat) ??? :D

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I think Venomoth would better off being an Annoyer/Status inflicter since it has all those Status Moves. You can Inflict Status, then U-Turn/Venoshock for double the power(Venoshock). It can be usefull as a supporter if its strong enough to Baton Pass Speed(Agility) or Quiver Dance. So my recommendation is not to use it as a Sweeper, but a Status Inflicter/Supporter. So just like Beautifly, sort of but not much potential. Hope this helps...

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