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So I wanted to breed my greninja with battle bond into lil' froakies, so I put my male greninja into the nursery with a ditto, but when I came back 2 DAYS LATER, she said that they "don't like to be playing together, though", which seemed like the new way of saying that they can't breed, but last I checked, ditto can breed with ANY Pokemon except one in the undiscovered, and I'm pretty sure greninja isn't in the undiscovered group. Please help me out! this is driving me CRAZY!

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Ditto can breed with Greninja, but not Ash-Greninja. If you look at Ash-Greninja, you'll see that it's in the Undiscovered Egg Group. You cannot pass Battle Bond onto Froakies.
Also, just a side note, eggs appear with steps, not time.

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