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I got in a trade for my birthday a while ago, but I'm starting to wonder if it's not real. As in hacked.

All info:
Level- One
OT- Mikey (who I got it in the trade from, but he says he traded a Cosmog for it)
ID No.- 28419
Nickname- Bulby
Nature- Quirky
Held Item- None
EVs- none (it's level one, plus I then successfully gave it 512 points of EVs on Poké Pelago)
Moves- Only Hidden Power, nothing else
Hidden Power Type- Dark
"A fateful encounter seems to have led it across space and time to reach you from the Hoenn region. It does have the Hoenn sign. (pentagon with small notch)
Characteristic- Mischievous
Ribbons- None
Gender- Male
Exp. Points- 0
To next level- 9
Shiny- Yes
IVs- All maxed
Ability- Chlorophyll

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I'd be more interested in " 'A fateful encounter' " than the 6 IVs.  Based on the verbage, the Bulbasaur was clearly transfered through PokeBank from OR/AS to get to Sun/Moon.  However....  The use of "A fateful encounter" is Nintendo's/GF's way of denoting a Pokemon came from a giveaway.  What with the 20th anniversary giveaways, I don't recall there being a Shiny HA Bulbasaur giveaway.  This is made further suspicious by the fact that is has no Ribbons.  Most giveaway Pokemon have at least 1 Ribbon.

6 IV Pokemon are in no way an indication of a hacked Pokemon.  I have already bred over a dozen 6 IV Alolan Vulpix.  Granted, I'm using a 6 IV Ditto from r/BreedingDittos that is, in all likelihood, the clone of a hacked Pokemon.  But the fact is that it's only a shortcut.  It is entirely possible, if incredibly tedious, to breed for 6 IVs without already having 6 IVs.

The red star simply means that the Pokemon is Shiny.  There are a handful of Pokemon where it is actually quite difficult to tell if it is Shiny or not.  The red star is just a UI element confirming that.  And Chlorophyll is simply Bulbasaur's Hidden Ability.  It can be obtained from X/Y's Friend Safari, which can then, in turn, be bred for in the Daycare.

Knowing nothing but Hidden Power is...  odd...  but not at all an indication of anything.  It just means that it was taken to the Move Deleter and anything else it knew was deleted.  And having all 31's for IVs produces the Dark type Hidden Power, so we're good there too.
Sometimes people "edit" Giveaway Pokemon to make them "perfect", so I guess that hacking in a sense. Most people put all Ribbons and max out all Contest stats too, but not necessarily.
I think the Quirky nature alone is enough to indicate that it's legitimate, I mean if you're going to hack a 6IV HA Shiny, why give it a bad nature…

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Yes, it is hacked.

Here's how:

The 'Fateful encounter' tag on a Pokemon's summary has to mean that it's either an event Pokemon, or a legendary (which it obviously isn't) that can be caught with this tag in some games, or it was transferred from Pokemon XD. (Source)

But Bulbasaur can't be caught in Pokemon XD, so it can't have got the tag like that. (Source)

So the only remaining option it that it was an event Pokemon. And it has to have been an event for Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Omega Ruby or Alpa Sapphire (because it was apparently obtained in Hoenn). But it had it's hidden ability, which means it had to have been obtained from generation 5 or onwards. So I looked at all the events for oras in all regions, and the only Bulbasaur that was ever distributed was this one here. (Scroll down a bit). And as you will see, that one comes at level 5. And your one is level 1. So yes, that Bulbasaur is definitely hacked, or at the very least modified using 3rd party software.

But nothing in any game will ever be able to detect that it was hacked. Keeping it won't do any harm. Apart from the nature, it'll make a decent Venusaur.

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