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short answer: yes
Yes, if you're able too, a Sp. Attack as big as that means a strong Charizad Y.

But, at which level is him/her? What's its nature? depending on those, when he gains some levels (if he's still able to) he could be better as a Phys Attacker than a Sp Attacker. I'm no expert at numbers and gains, but as a mather of what I do know I think these questions should be asked.

Hope that someone more well versed at numbers and stat gains and stuff can enlighten you tho.
In case you don't know, a Pokemon's stats are partially determined by effort values (or EVs), which can easily be changed. If you want a good mega Charizard X, you can try feeding it hondew berries and having it defeat a lot of Pokemon that yield physical attack EVs or speed EVs.
I just realised that Mega Caht X has a Special Attack stat equal to his physical attack. Yep this one is definitly abetted as a Charizard Y

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Without more information, a judgement is kinda hard. Is that it's stat
before mega evolving? Remember normal Charizard has a much lower attack stat.
If that's after mega evolving, I'd personally look at natures and EVs, and use that particular Charizard as a Charizard Y. Or revered it for a jolly nature any train it to be a Charizard X.