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So, I got a shiny Rayquaza from a trade in Sun/Moon, but I think it's hacked.
Shiny Rayquaza Lv: 100
OT: SATAN (Yes, it was all caps)
ID#: 06660
Original Moveset: Extreme Speed, Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, and one other move that I forgot.
Nature: Serious
Capable of taking hits.
"Apparently traveled far across time and space to get to you" (or something like that.)
Caught in a premier ball. (Wait ... seriously ... yes.)
Hp: 351 Speed: 226 Attack: 337 Sp Attack: 336 Sp Defense: 216 Defense: 216
I traded a level 29-to-27 Kadabra for it. That makes me think it's hacked even more.
But really, is it hacked?

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I'm pretty sure it is, given the OT name and ID number. No questions asked, really.
If I was the hacker I will make  the stats all 666. And make the pokemon a Giratina.
Are you sure that Dragon Rush is one of its moves? Because if it is, it's either hacked or this site's pages for both Rayquaza and Dragon Rush are wrong, because Rayquaza doesn't seem to be able to learn Dragon Rush. Extreme Speed and Dragon Dance are good, though.

I put this as a comment because it's asking something more.
Shiny Rayquaza is possible to get in gen 3. Although, it most likely is hacked.
sorry, it was pulse not rush.

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Well I think there is a chance for it to be legit. If it was legit it MUST have come from Emerald, which is possible due to the 'traveled through time and space' IE. Come from Unova.
Theoretically they could have caught it in emerald and traded it up. I mean... If I hacked a mon, I wouldn't give it a serious nature. ESPECIALLY not a shiny rayquaza, my dream Pokemon.

If it turns out it is hacked, don't be too worried. I mean it doesn't seem like it'll be illegal. If hacked mons are legal, you can't get banned for using them. Though I would double check EVs and such for legality.

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thank you! :)
Just be careful that's all I can say. Maybe try a battle spot match? They have a primitive hack checker that usually catches out glaringly obvious hacks
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Iirc, Shiny Rayquaza is a locked encounter, meaning it's impossible to get it.

The Stats, OT Handler Name and the ID also makes me think it's hacked even more.

So, imo, it's definitely hacked, 100%.

Coming from my experience from generating Pokemons (RESEARCH PURPUOSES, I'M NOT SAYING HACKING IS GOOD, NOR IT SHOULD BE USED IN COMPETITIVE ONLINE POKEMON, what I do say is that hacking for testing stuff is okay as long as you don't go online with it or throw Pokemon in wonder trade n' stuff, which happens pretty often from my latest expriences in it, because I got a Marshadow level 100 from wonder trade, TWICE) this is definitely a hacked one, and a pretty bad one at that, the guy that threw it in WT is playing a very risky game, should get banned soon when the next ban-wave hits.

My advice? Do NOT use it online as I said before, proper protocol should be releasing it and be clean, do not store it in PokeBank either, just trash it out and forget about it.

Wasn't there a shiny Rayquaza event?
It's possible to obtain a shiny Rayquaza in 3rd and 4th gen games (a regular 1/8192 chance), and there has been a few shiny Rayquaza events, so your first statement is false. This Rayquaza in particular is definitely hacked, though so you're correct in that regard.