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My Team:

Leavannny (not sure) Chlorophyll
X-Scissor, Leaf Storm, Toxic, Swords dance.

Ferrothorn (Wall) Toxic, Gyro Ball, Bulldose, Power Whip.

Conkeldurr (sweeper) Hammer Arm, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Payback.

Darmanitan (sweeper) Fire Punch, Rollout, Physcic, Hammer Arm.

Excadrill (Tank) Earthquake, Giga Impact, Drill Run, Gyro Ball.

Im using this team for story mode and Wi-Fi battling and I need a tank or wall as the sixth member of my team whats a good pokemon to use?


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I suggest Jellicent
-Boiling water
-Ice beam
Hope this helps =)

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Thanks I think Ill use him but I might take away toxic because I already have it on two pokemon...
Boiling Water is now Scald
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Umbreon is the best wall
Curse(Attack and Defense boost and lower Speed helps Payback)

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Why was this voted down? Umbreon is an awesome wall! Speed Freak is right.