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A year ago I got a Dragonite in Wonder Trade. Here is the info:

Max IVs
lvl 100
Adamant (Knows all Physical moves)
OT: DANIEL (All caps)
ID: 273000
Where: Faraway Place (XY)
Fly (I taught it that)
Dragon Claw
Waterfall (I taught it that)
Iron Head
HP: 323
Attack: 403
Sp. Atk: 213
Sp. Def: 236
Spd: 259

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Surprised people still use Dragonite competitively.
No one is able to anwser this or tell that it's a hacked one. But it is possible that the person who once had it hacked for perfect IVs. Not much people are willing to breed for perfect IVs now. I guess it's a hacked one.
@Orange Gaimer (comment 1) It was a wonder trade so I gave a Wurmple.
@Kadora1 Psuedo Legends are the real deal for competitive non-legend users.
@JarJar~ Listening, duh!
@Orange Gaimer (comment 2) Why don't you answer then?
Dragonite actually has very good stats, a movepool containing dragon dance, outrage, and extreme speed, and multiscale. It's been good ever since Generation 5, when it got multiscale.
oh huh. I dont have a HA one tho XD

actually i now have a lvl 55 HA one XD

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This Dragonite doesn't seem to be hacked. The stats are easily reached, as long as it has max attack, 4 EV's SpA, and 252 EV's in Speed. If you could provide the stats in Defense, it would be easier. And you can get a Dragonite in X+Y

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