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I want to transfer my pikachu from leaf green to a ds pokemon (i don't know which yet diamond, soulsilver or white)
since you cant transfer like it were a gameboy with the cable or like a ds with wi fi how do you do it

Y does everyone choose pokemon white I like pokemon black better

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Can't transfer to black and white from gba games.

Insert leaf green and either diamond or soulsilver.

Make sure that Pikachu is in your PC

You cant transfer just one, you need to transfer six, so make sure six pokemon you want to transfer are in your PC

Next, open the ds game, get to the main menu, but instead of Pressing Continue, scroll down to Transfer from Leaf Green. Go through the prompts and select the six Pokemon you want to transfer.

Then head to Pal Park (in SoulSilver in Fuchsia City, and in Diamond at the east end of Route 221), enter Pal Park, speak to the person at the desk.

Then you just have to catch 'em all in the park, make sure you take a pokemon that knows surf if you transfer across a Water-Type pokemon as well.

Hope this helps :)

Note: This only works with the fat DS or the DS lite.
 This cannot be done with the DSi, DSi XL, or the 3DS.
This method works with S/R/E, or just with FR/LG?
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If you want to get to b/w then you do what eeveeon said then you need 2 ds's and wifi and go to the poke transfer lab

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Insert pokemon leaf green into your ds then put in diamond or soul silver.next go to pal park with pikachu and six others in your pc after you transfer them get a second ds put pokemon black or white in the slot then put damond or soul silver (where ever you put the pikachu) then leave it at the start up screen start pokemon black or white and after you beat the elite four go to route 11 and go to the poke transfer lab go in and go to the top the machine is waiting.once you start the machine go to the other ds hit ds download and black or white should pop up click it then pick six pokemon from your box(along with pikachu) and play the try to capture all six then he puts them in your pc and you'll have pikachu in your game.