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I mean, seriously. They say Prof. Sycamore is Prof. Oaks grandson, and Blue is too. Also, someone in Lumiose City talked about Prof. Sycamore saying "smell ya later," and who also does that? Blue. Also, you find Sina and Dexio, who are from Kalos, in Alola, but also Blue, whom I think to be Prof. Sycamore in later life is in there, so if you look at it closely, it creates a paradox. If you think I have a fact mixed up with Sycamore being Oak's grandson or something, just answer with the words: Sycamore is not Oak's grandson, and then we can move on.


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Blue and Sycamore cannot be the same person because Sun/Moon take place after XY (according to dialogue with Sina/Dexio), and Blue is himself in Alola.
That's what I meant by PARADOX!
Just because two people are related doesn't mean they're the same person. What else makes you think they're the same person?
the whole "smell ya later" thing...
Why can't multiple people say "smell ya later!"?

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I get what your saying. At any rate, there's a whole bunch more that I can't think of right now. Samson oak, the armor and plume fossils, the whole thing about bill being able to fix Lilly's Mom. So many random characters make a comment regarding kanto or past games in someway. I think they did it for the older players. It's the first "new" kind of Pokémon game in a long time. That's the best anser I can give.

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sycamore is not oaks grandson in sun and moon there is samson oak which is prof. oak cousin

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this the most soild response to the whole post and the only one that adds it all up together.
sarcasm? maybe sycamore is samson oak's grandson